Daiyan And I

Zul Irfan went through emotional distress after losing his grandmother, Wan. His growing interest in up and coming actress Daiyan Trisha helped him cope. This is his story.

In 2016, I got to meet Daiyan Trisha, and she finally knows me as a fan. In 2016, I got to meet Daiyan Trisha, and she finally knows me as a fan.

My name is Zul Irfan, 21 years old from Jerantut, Pahang (I love my hometown Jerantut) and this is my story. First of all, I do not know if this is a good story to share or I should just keep it to myself but Tok contacted me on Twitter so I am thinking, why not, right? I am not really a good storyteller either so I'm sorry in advance.

This story goes back to early 2015. I finished school in 2014 and in December 2014, our house got hit by flood, and it was quite devastating. Both of my parents are teachers in Jerantut, and school break was extended for like a week or more for throughout the nation (sorry I cannot remember). During that period, my grandmother (I call her Wan) fell sick. She lived like 900 meters away from our house, and she moved to our home when she was ill.

The first thing that I wanted to do after finishing SPM was to make money and get my driving license. It did not go that way at that time. Coincidentally, being the only person that was available and not tied to any commitments, I was the one who takes care of Wan. After two weeks of living with us, she wanted to go home because before the flood hits us, she had just finished the renovation of her house.

I had to go to her house every day early in the morning. I still have my grandfather whom I called Aki, and he still works at that time as a security guard at a mine nearby. So at that house, it was me, Wan and an aunt who has down syndrome whom I call Embong. That was routine, and I will return to my home around 4 or 5 pm after Aki finished his work or when my father takes his turn to take care of her after he returned from school.

This is where Daiyan Trisha, my favorite local celebrity comes in. One day, my little brother (Izzat) did not go to school because he caught a fever, so I took care of him alongside with Wan that day. Izzat kept changing the channel and there comes on Dee The Series on Astro Ceria. Daiyan was the protagonist of the series, and I did not know her yet at that time. I told Izzat to stop because I thought she was cute. Wan was watching with me, and we somehow enjoyed it. Because of this, I looked for her, and I like her even more. I started listening to her songs. Day by day, I became a big fan of hers.

January of 2015 passed and there comes February. Wan originated from Kelantan and settled in Jerantut, Pahang. Her little brother visited during Chinese New Year break to bring her back to Kelantan and proceed with proper treatment. We did know what it was when she was screaming in pain and such. It turned out that she had lung cancer and it broke our hearts. As our routine has changed, I could not take care of her, and that was when I started doing my license. But every weekend, my family and I would travel 300km to Kelantan just to visit her, and that was how we spend our weekend. And every Sunday, when Dee The Series were broadcasted, I would watch it with Wan together, and then we would return to Jerantut right after we finish watching Daiyan.

I told her that I wanted to meet Daiyan when I when I got into a college. Days had passed, and she has gotten weaker and weaker. The last words that she said to me were "Abang, belajar elok-elok" and after that, she could not speak anymore, but we would still come to her every weekend. A week after Dee The Series finished, she passed away on 15th May. It was bittersweet that she passed after we finished watching the series together. But when I lost Wan and the fact that Dee The Series is over, I felt unfortunate and lost. I could not help but cry and cry. Then, I realized that God sent Daiyan to ease my pain or our pain because it was like my only escape from pain when Wan was suffering. When the series ended, I did not know what to do anymore, but I find strength thanks to Daiyan.

In 2016, I got to meet Daiyan Trisha, and she finally knows me as a fan. She knows the story of my Wan and how I became her fan as well. Many people assumed that I like her just because of her looks, but I love her because she saved my life when things were extremely rough. She still is my hero to this day. You know who you are. You saved me. You helped Wan. You helped us fight the pain. Thank you, Daiyan Trisha, for everything you have done for my family and me, your talented, beautiful and kind-hearted soul. May God bless you. I love you so much.

Thanks to Tok Dalang and Ini Cerita Aku for giving me the opportunity to tell my story that might not be relevant to any of you.